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Cooking for Hard to Please People

I have found that cooking for most of those that I serve to be an easy task. Generally, most people are easy to please, but on some occasions, I do find it a challenge to cook for some people. Cooking can be a great joy and with more people learning how to cook from places like Cocusocial in order to create a healthy and tasty cuisine, it is a good idea to adapt our skills to match the tastebuds of those we are cooking for.


Cooking for Those Who Travel

Having a husband that is a truck driver can be a challenge to prepare meals for my spouse when on the road. He can be gone for several days at a time. For the first day, at least I like to send him off with some healthy meals. The rest of the time, my husband has to rely on truck stops for nutrition. These are not quite the same as the home-cooked meals that he enjoys.


What I normally try to do is cook a meal on Sundays when my spouse is home where the leftovers can make a meal for him the next day when working. What I have found that works well is a meal made with meat that will make a great sandwich. For example, I may make a roast of beef, meatloaf, or honey ham. This way, not only does he get a good home-cooked meal on Sunday, but he can enjoy the leftovers when away from home the next day. Added to this will also be the leftovers of a hearty salad that we start that Sunday meal with. These are all items that he doesn’t have to worry about heating up. While, at the same time, getting the nutrition that is needed at least to start the week with.


Cooking for Seniors

While my parents are still able to live their own lifestyles, they like to come over once a week for dinner. This means that I need to put some extra thought into the meal that I will serve. Like most seniors, they prefer to eat lighter meals with fewer portions. My parents also tend to avoid spicy foods.


Therefore I will focus on cooking a meal comprised of lean meat such as chicken or fish. I usually will add an extra vegetable to the meal as these are less filling but gives the additional vitamins that are required. As seniors, when cooking for themselves, they tend not to prepare large meals, which means that often the diet is lacking in a selection of healthy veggies. Another dish that I will often prepare is a hearty soup comprised of chicken or beef. This way, my parents can eat a small quality but still get all the nutrition that they should have.


Cooking For Those With Health Issues

On occasion, I will have friends or family members over for dinner that I know have some health issues. These are individuals who may be dealing with lactose intolerance, diabetes, or high blood pressure. To make sure that I am not serving a meal that could negatively affect their health, I rely on recipes that will address their needs.


For example, for those who have high blood pressure, I do not add any salt to the meals that I am preparing. Instead, I will rely on other spices to spruce up the taste of the food. I will choose herbs and spices like paprika or some of the salt substitutes. I also try to focus on foods that have a lot of their own natural flavors. For those who may be lactose-free, I try to avoid any dishes that may require dairy products. If I am making something like mashed potatoes, then I will use lactose-free milk to whip them. There doesn’t appear to be any change to the taste, so others eating them don’t notice any difference. This way, everyone is satisfied with the meal that is prepared.


The Fussy Eater

Then there are times where I am cooking for someone that is known to be a fussy eater. This is the individual who doesn’t like a big variety in what is eaten. Nor do they usually like ethnic foods or a large variety of veggies. For these guests, I try to keep the meal simple. I usually know ahead of time what these fussy eaters like and dislike and will plan a basic traditional meal to serve to them.

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