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About Me


Salve! Or hello, and welcome to my little slice of the internet! My name is Caterina, I currently reside in Milan, and this is my little blog where I share my interests with the world. I am a 28-year-old mother, living her life in Italy alongside family members I have returned to. I started life in the US in my late 20s, and lived there for around 20 years, before moving back to my homeland for work, and I never looked back.

My passions include food (like any good Italian!), fitness, and finance. I work in the financial sector as an advisor, but I’ve had to step away from the office at the moment as my family have taken a higher priority in my life – especially in the strange new world we find ourselves in at the moment. I have wanted to improve my writing skills for some time, so I decided this blog might be a good place to start! And the name of the blog is due to the city I live in.

Milan is a beautiful place, and St. Ambrose is the patron of this wonderful city. Honestly, I was surprised I could get this domain. 

My faith is strong and important to me, so whilst this isn’t a religious blog, it feels nice to have that element hanging over some of my content. On a personal level, you know? But, I respect other people’s views on and religion and just simply choose to follow it myself.

In any case, I’d best stop rambling. Hope you have a lovely day! Ciao!