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The day job

Financial Advice & Support

-Making finances fun

As a financial advisor, I spend my days giving financial advice to people about managing money, investing, and other means. Sometimes, people can feel intimidated and bogged down by specialist terminology, or jargon, so I am here to make finances fun and understandable to all.

- Gluten-free food benefits

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- Recipe Ideas

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- Having a healthy diet

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don't make a meal out of it

Cooking for you and your family every night can sometimes feel like a painstaking task. So, I decided to put together articles on recipes that cover healthy eating, as well as information on gluten-free benefits and feeding picky eaters. 

Fitness Fenatic

Finding the Joy in Exercising

When I’m not working, I like to practice yoga as a way to get ready for the day. After work, I often go for a walk around my local village to get my daily steps in. I find exercise is good for my mental health and helps my mind relax after a hard day at work. On my blog, I have information on home-work outs, effective ways to loose weight and practices such as Tai Chi.


Caterina Tocci

Salve! Hello there! My name is Caterina Tocci. I am a financial advisor, with a love of good Italian cooking, and fitness! You can read my full back story on my About Me page, or if you have any questions, you can contact me through my website. Enjoy!